Group Activities for Startups Looking for Something Different

Group Activities for Startups Looking for Something Different

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In the startup community, you’re often dealing with younger employees who want to be challenged and to experience new things. Just like how the office is filled with bean bags and foosball tables to create a different work environment to older companies, planned group activities need to reflect this younger demographic too.

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It’s advisable that companies put on several different events and not make their attendance compulsory so that employees can feel inspired to join the ones they will enjoy and skip the ones that they won’t get much fun out of.

Here are a few ideas for group activities for the energetic startup community.

Musk Ox Hunting

Some people who work for startups will come from a background where hunting every weekend during the appropriate season comes as second nature to them. A few others may have wanted to give it a try but not know where to start. For these kind of adventurous souls, being able to fly out to Greenland to try their hand at hunting for musk ox will be totally wild.

The musk ox hunting season only runs from July to early October, so it’s necessary for companies to plan ahead for the limited small-sized groups that wish to attend. Experienced guides and hunters accompany the group to roam the wild lands of Greenland before there’s snow on the ground and the temperatures drop too low.

Scavenger Hunt

Take the group on a scavenger hunt to find hidden treasure, figure out clues and work together to solve riddles to advance on the hunt. Don’t be intimidated when the Brainiacs take center stage on this one. Anyone who loves a mystery will enjoy working through the clues and getting the better of the organizers. It’s also a good activity for people who are older or less able-bodied who can still partake in the activity at their own pace.

Riding the Rapids

Depending where the team is located in the country, flying out to a place that has intense rapids is an easy thing to do to arrive in the thick of the action. For everyone who can swim and is willing to test their nerves, climbing into their ride and bouncing around with the river’s motion will challenge them in every way.

Paddle through the water to keep the raft moving down through quiet waters until hitting the rapids where just hanging on is the real challenge. Be prepared to get wet. Quite often there’ll be occasional stops to jump in and swim around in shallow waters before being pulled back onto the raft to ride more rapids down the river. Group activities include a safety briefing, all the necessary equipment, and usually a basic catered lunch near the riverbed too.

The importance of team building in an organization helps employees transcend positions and rank. Staff from all departments and levels learn to work together in cooperation to resolve problems or just to have fun in support of one another in a new situation. After completion of the activity, it makes it easier for people to relate across the organization because of the shared history together.