Melaphones vs. Electrical Systems

Melaphones vs. Electrical Systems

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Electrical systems such as intercoms are a constant feature of most industries in the modern age. With today’s society becoming increasingly in touch with the ever-growing advances in technology, electrical items are constantly used as ways of communication between either employees or employee/costumer conversations. For where Melaphones can be used, electrical intercoms can be seen in places such as doctor’s surgeries and various business’ kiosks like amusement parks and travel agents.

However, Melaphones, though seen as a more traditional form for businesses to use, does show the electrical system disadvantages that can be met when working with electrical intercoms in your place of business. Let us discuss the different ways in which a Melaphone system can be more beneficial that using electrical systems even now.

Reliance on Power

Obviously with electrical systems, it is ultimately vital that power is sourced to make it run. The downside of this is of course that power is constantly necessary for it to be usable. In occurrences where there is no use of power, for simple example, a power cut, electrical intercoms would be rendered useless for businesses, therefore potentially leaving the business at a sort of standpoint if in the instance of not being able to communicate with clients/customers/patients.

A Melaphone, being a simple cylinder-shaped installation of hardened polycarbonate plastic, obviously does not require electrical power. The use of a Melaphone system would be beneficial in that you would always be able to use it without the worry of slowing down the traffic of your business and constantly being able to continue work as usual even if there are issues with electricity.

Face to Face Contact

Many customers/clients/patients will often be disheartened at the inability to speak to someone face to face. Often with the use of electrical communication devices in the workplace, you will find that they are used for ease of being able to speak from other places without having to go and physically speak to someone. As mentioned, many people dislike this. If you dealt with exchanging your money to a different currency with nothing but an intercom and a hand passing through your changed money, it would of course make you feel uneasy. An old-fashioned manner though it may seem, many people actually prefer to see who they are communicating with as they find a sort of trust and comfort in it.

Thankfully, the use of Melaphones usually requires visual contact. A Melaphone is usually installed into a laminated glass or ordinary glass screen due to the appliance itself being made of polycarbonate plastic. Melaphone barriers therefore give people who you deal with in your business a more comfortable experience in seeing who they are speaking to.

Less Danger

Going back to the subject of electrical power, with electricity also comes danger possibilities. Wiring is usually of course insulated and kept in a way that is suitable for it to be handled if necessary. Nevertheless, there is still always the chance that electrical wires can at some point cause harm or be open to cause an electric-based hazard.

With a Melaphone system this is not a worry. Communication is possible without the use of wiring or powered items, therefore it lessens the chances of there being an electrical-based hazard in the area of your business.


For businesses to work, electricity is necessary. Businesses, big or small, nowadays regularly need use of computers, the internet, telephones, printers, even kitchen appliances for when workers are on break. With a Melaphone barrier, for businesses that deal in working from kiosks or security-based areas that also consist of dealing with the public, they are given a chance to reduce their electrical costs.

In basic terms, a Melaphone is a plastic component. The lack of electricity necessary for a travel agent employee or fun-fair attendant to communicate with someone constantly on a daily basis of course helps in that you are not having to pay for the use of electricity.

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