Qualities of Effective and Useful Building Signage

Qualities of Effective and Useful Building Signage

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You might think that putting up a sign outside a business establishment is easy. After all, you just have to put the name of the company and hang the sign. The truth is you have to go through a long process before the sign can be finally put up.

There are several factors to consider to have top quality building signage that will entice people to go inside. You only have a few seconds to impress them with the sign. If they find the sign enticing, they will most likely come in. Otherwise, they will skip your establishment and proceed to the next. This is true for those who have not heard of your company before. Here are some more tips to help you attract more people to go inside.

Quality must not be sacrificed

This is extremely important. The quality of the sign must be top of the line. The resolution must be high and clear. The images must be printed well and not pixelated. The overall appeal must be professional. Before the sign is printed and put up, it has to be edited several times. From the colours used to the images that represent your business, everything needs to be perfect. Again, the sign is a representation of your brand, so it needs to be the best.

Signs must provide information

Some people would say that signs are just signs. They are pretty straightforward. The creative way is that apart from the name of the company, there should be something else that comes with it. A catchy tagline could help build your brand. The company logo could also make the sign more remarkable. You have to study what could possibly attract the attention of your target audience before using additional words and images.

On the other hand, just avoid putting a lot as it could confuse people. Using a lot of words and images would be messy and difficult to read.

Visibility is important

Once you have decided on the text, images and colours, the next step is to ensure visibility. When the sign cannot be seen, it is useless. It should be raised high up on the building for people to see even from afar. You should also have other smaller signs in strategic locations. Areas where people pass by could be perfect spots for signs. As long as you are following the law and the signs don’t block anything, you have nothing to worry about.

You should also consider visibility at night. LED lights are now used for signage so that even if the business has already closed, the company can continue advertising its brand. Perhaps, some people will be enticed to come back the following day to see what you have to offer.

There are several steps involved in creating a sign. You can’t skimp on them since a poor sign could break your company. Partner with the right signage company to ensure the quality of the final output.

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